Outfits of the week

  Dress – Vintage thrifted                   Shoes – thrifted                                     Hair flowers – from Kulture Shock

  Dress – Rita Sue from Miss Victory Violets personal collection.                  Cardigan – Pin up Girl Clothing.            Shoes – Modcloth.                                   Necklace & brooch vintage.                   Hair scarf – made with love
  Dress – vintage 60s.                                 Shoes – zeria                                            Hair scarf – Rita Sue.                           Bangles – vintage thrifted 

 Two piece dress/jacket & hat vintage 60s.                                   Shoes – zeira 

  Dress – Grace Karen.                              Shoes – vintage thrifted.                         Hair flower – Pop that cassette              Bangles- mixture of plastics & bamboo all thrifted                                   Necklace – glass beads vintage.       Cardigan – Pagani 

Hope your have enjoyed my outfits from last weeks 😊

Miss Jessica Mae xx


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